5 things hard to miss at Dingboche

5 things hard to miss at Dingboche

Dingboche is a Sherpa village in northeastern Khumbu region of Nepal.The altitude of 4410 makes it attractive to visitors. It is a famous stop for climbers and trekkers who are heading to world highest peak  Mt. Everest (8848m), AmaDablam (6812m), Lobuche peak (6,119 m)  and ImjaTse(6160m) which is also known as Island peak. Spring and Autumn seasons are ideal for the trekkers as the temperature and visibility would be very good during these months. Trekking can be done during winter but most of the accommodation places remain closed. So it is not highly recommended to do hiking during the winter season.Many people spent at least 2 nights in Dingboche village for adjustment with the local environment. Here are 5 things to do among many in Dingboche during your stay sorted our for you by World Highest Trek team:

1. Hiking Around Dingboche village:

Dingboche village is the most tourist popular area where communities entirely depend on tourist with lodges and tents. Island Peak River directly flows from the east of Dingboche. Dingboche lies at the height of 4,410m from the sea level with the postal code 56,002 and area code 038. It is also home to an internet café using satellite system. Although Dingboche is a very quiet town, you might see some locals working and going about their day. Take a few minutes to say Hello. Then you can hike around 500m to see main stupa.

2. Explore Mani wall at Dingboche:

Make sure you explore the Mani Wall that fences the whole Imja valley. The story behind the construction of this Mani Wall is even more exciting. One interesting fact about this wall is that it took many centuries to be built and another more interesting fact is that the wall was unintentionally built. When the early Sherpas plowed their field, they gathered the stones at the edge of the field, which ultimately got piled up one over the other and formed a long wall. 

3. Crispy Apple Pie at Bakery:

The apple pies at Dingboche have an amazing taste. While it is equally good at Tengboche as well, the one at Dingboche had something in it. Maybe, it was Sherpa whose hospitality inspired the taste of that apple pie. Whatever be the case, you should try it. Not only apple pies rest all other bakery is amazing too. Further up the trail, there are a lot of places where you can taste the good bakery stuff. Apple Pies are one of the favorites of Everest Trekkers.

4. Discover Nangkartshang Peak (Gompa):

Nangkartshang Peak is a spectacular viewpoint in the Khumbu. Locals seem to call it Nangar-Joong. Whatever the name of the peak is, it is a very worthwhile destination and a great place to soak in the views of the numerous fang-like peaks in the Khumbu region.The peak is above Dingboche in the Khumbu and like almost all the other “walkable” peaks in the region, this one is more a sub-peak of a higher ridge than it is an independent mountain. The views are among the best of any walkable peak in the region as well. Kangtega, AmaDablam, Nuptse, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Taboche, etc. are all visible in their full glory from the summit.

5. Splurge on a Good Meal:

You will be blown away by the number of restaurants, and even bars, Dingboche. Although Up Everest provides meals for you through the lodge, you can grab a sneaky slice of apple pie or a even an ice cream from the center of town too. There is a pub, several bakeries and coffee shops, and even a good bakery while traditional Nepali food like Dhal Bhat, Gundruk, and soya-beans are also popular among the tourists.During your rest day in Dingboche, exploring and making the most of your time in this beautiful gem of a town is a must.

World Highest Trek team will guide you through these first hand experiences if you wish to grab this opportunities.